Thursday, November 29, 2012

Grandpa's Scary Snake!

This is SSSSSSam the SSSSSSnake! It lives under Grandpa Jon's bed! It's eyes glow red and it races around with a slithering motion, making sneak attacks when you least expect it!
Actually, Grandpa Jon has this "pet snake" trained (and full of fresh batteries). Still, when Ben saw it coming slithering out, he knew just what to do! Head for higher ground!
Grandpa gave Ben the controller and we all had a ton of good laughs watching Ben chase and be chased by the thing. It was hilarious to watch and be part of.
Ben ran and squealed with delight; leaping from chair to chair to "escape" the impending snake bite. He would squeal and run every time he was startled. Then, he would pretended to be scared when he wasn't. He ran laughing and leaping as if it were biting his heals!
He was giddy with excitement! 
He leaned into his best Super Hero pose to attack us each with this new Super Power under his control!
The Evil Snake chased Grandpa all the way to the door!
The Jedi stance cracked me up (so serious!).
No one was safe while the snake was on the loose! It is a good thing we have our AWESOME little super hero to rescue us!

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