Thursday, November 29, 2012

Go Lady Wampus Cats!

While Daddy was out hunting, Grandma and Grandpa took Ben to the Girls North Star League Tournament to watch the Lady Cats winning basketball game!
Grandma bought some yummy snacks and he was ready to cheer.
Ben had never been to a live sporting event before and he was pretty impressed. 
His friends, Lyndsie, Leslie and Tessa were all on the court!
They could really play basketball!
Ben clapped and cheered!
He was not a fan of the buzzer, though!
It was a good game and fun to watch.
Grandma has sat in these bleachers before, to cheer on Ben's Daddy. He swished his spiky Wampus Cat tail in many sports and activities.
Clark Fork has an amazing reputation of sending some well-prepared kids into the world. This small town school has an amazing group of caring, well-respected, teachers who give their all to offer as many high quality opportunities as they can to their students.It was fun to show Ben his Daddy's old stomping grounds and to see this stellar group of Clark Fork students enjoying some B-ball.

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  1. I forgot about the buzzer. The whole thing was so much fun and Ben also got gummy butterflies.