Thursday, November 29, 2012

Turkey Day

We all have so many things to be thankful for. Food, love and family. Football, firewood, crossword puzzles, and Dayquil. Sam, super heroes, pancakes, and gummy butterflies. Grandparents, sleeping in, coffee and pie. We are thankful for a fun new game that JP was patient enough to teach us and for freezers full of elk and venison that we processed together.
We are thankful that we got to spend time with Dylan. The thoughtful college student came bearing gifts of sparkling cider and snacks.
Ben was thankful he had some good play time with his brother and cousins, Collin and Rylee.  He even got to go "hiking in the woods" to help pick Oyster Mushrooms.
Maggie was thankful for lots of attention. She oinked her appreciation every time her belly was rubbed (Yes, this funny dog actually oinks). She rolled around on the floor with Dylan and jumped right up on the couch for some lovin' from Melissa and JP.
I am thankful for my wonderful Hubby, who suffered for rainy days on end, hunting. We are all thankful for Connie, who persevered with a cold virus to provide for us all and make us wonderful food and drink; including a most delicious turkey dinner.
Dylan was especially thankful for a much needed break from studying before returning to prepare for finals.

Go Lady Wampus Cats!

While Daddy was out hunting, Grandma and Grandpa took Ben to the Girls North Star League Tournament to watch the Lady Cats winning basketball game!
Grandma bought some yummy snacks and he was ready to cheer.
Ben had never been to a live sporting event before and he was pretty impressed. 
His friends, Lyndsie, Leslie and Tessa were all on the court!
They could really play basketball!
Ben clapped and cheered!
He was not a fan of the buzzer, though!
It was a good game and fun to watch.
Grandma has sat in these bleachers before, to cheer on Ben's Daddy. He swished his spiky Wampus Cat tail in many sports and activities.
Clark Fork has an amazing reputation of sending some well-prepared kids into the world. This small town school has an amazing group of caring, well-respected, teachers who give their all to offer as many high quality opportunities as they can to their students.It was fun to show Ben his Daddy's old stomping grounds and to see this stellar group of Clark Fork students enjoying some B-ball.

Grandpa's Scary Snake!

This is SSSSSSam the SSSSSSnake! It lives under Grandpa Jon's bed! It's eyes glow red and it races around with a slithering motion, making sneak attacks when you least expect it!
Actually, Grandpa Jon has this "pet snake" trained (and full of fresh batteries). Still, when Ben saw it coming slithering out, he knew just what to do! Head for higher ground!
Grandpa gave Ben the controller and we all had a ton of good laughs watching Ben chase and be chased by the thing. It was hilarious to watch and be part of.
Ben ran and squealed with delight; leaping from chair to chair to "escape" the impending snake bite. He would squeal and run every time he was startled. Then, he would pretended to be scared when he wasn't. He ran laughing and leaping as if it were biting his heals!
He was giddy with excitement! 
He leaned into his best Super Hero pose to attack us each with this new Super Power under his control!
The Evil Snake chased Grandpa all the way to the door!
The Jedi stance cracked me up (so serious!).
No one was safe while the snake was on the loose! It is a good thing we have our AWESOME little super hero to rescue us!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

This will make you tired just watching...

This boy loves to dance! I have tried to get a better video of this phenomenon, but he usually dances naked. I haven't figured out how to paint magic underpants on a moving target. So, I apologize... this is a tame, mellow version of Ben's "Gummy Bear" dance! I just had to share before his obsession with the "Gummy Bear Song" peters out.
Yeah... he hasn't even ever eaten a Gummy Bear! Imagine this dance on that sugar high!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Fortress Of Awesome!

Ben's absolute favorite book is "The Astonishing Secret Of Awesome Man!". We are not sure how the author, Michael Chabon, knew all of Ben's secrets! Illustrator, Jake Parker, must have been spying on him!
This morning Ben built "The Fortress Of Awesome" right in our living room!
Then he leaped out of the lair and began to change into his alter ego!
His arch nemesis (The Flaming Eyeball) would be so scared by a blast of these eye beams!
After he flew "eight times around the earth", Ben told me he had to "re-fill his Positrons".
He really is AWESOME!

Dino Land

Today our play dough islands were inhabited by a migrating pack of dinosaurs!
At first I beheld a peaceful scene with a variety of prehistoric animals grazing and roaming their green world in peace.
Then came the "big scary dino roar"!
The fierce creature terrorized the lands and made critters shudder as far away as the toy box!
Chaos ensued! There was much stomping and gnashing of teeth! Many fell prey to the ferocious one!
The stomping and chomping went on for, what seemed like, eons. Then nap time came and, as science would have it, there they stand fossilizing in their tracks. The paleontologist will have to come dig them out after he is done wetting the bed (just going with probability on that one).

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hamilton Halloween

Cat in the Hat, The Tooth Fairy, and The Itsy Bitsy Spider went to the GSK Halloween Party and then out for Tricks-Or-Treats!
It was great weather. It was about 60 degrees outside when we left the house. Out came the sun and Ben Bug was ready to party up the water spout!
Ben got to Trick-Or-Treat all of Daddy's coworkers.
There were cookies, cupcakes, pizza and punch for all of the cute kiddos in costumes. Boy, there were some really cute costumes haunting the hallways. There were Puppies, Pirates, and Princesses, Bats, Bugs, and Boogiemen. Our little friend, Cole, was a great Cowboy. There was a cute pair of twins in a double-stroller dressed as an Angel and a Devil. The scariest outfit, I thought, was the Biohazard Spill costume (boy wore a bucket with yellow streamers coming out of it and a big biohazard symbol on it). There isn't anything scarier than that at a pharmaceutical company, right?
Next, we went to Trick-Or-Treat our friends at Chapter One Bookstore and the firemen at the Hamilton Fire Station. The fun folks at the bookstore all dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland. The Fire Department all dressed as, well, Fire Fighters.
Being that Ben is still a pretty small spider, he was a little leary of some of the scarier things lurking about on Halloween night. We didn't see any Great Big Shoe costumes, but there were some Spooky Skeletons that Ben wanted to avoid.

There were some costumes Ben wanted to follow; such as the Robot with Glowing Eyes and some of the Lady Bugs.
Our little downtown really has a lot of Halloween Spirit and several neighborhoods go all out to make Trick-Or-Treating fun for the kiddos. There are several blocks of decorated houses downtown who must all spend a fortune on sweet treats for a glimpse at the cute little pretenders.
Spidy seemed pretty tired, so we didn't stay out too long. We Trick-Or-Treated around a couple of blocks downtown where some friends of ours live, chatted them up, then we headed around to our car.
It was a fun night and one that Ben will not soon forget.