Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ready... Aim... Fill the Freezer!

Hunting season has officially started at our house. David is not a big game trophy hunter, but does go freeze his butt off every year to fill our freezer with healthy meat of known origin. This morning it is 23 degrees out. He left around 5 am for a snowy destination in the Sapphire Mountain range.
This is the trademark smirk and wink of a confident hunter who has checked his Nat Geo Topo maps. I worry and think about him, he thinks about the elk, and in the end we have a great barbecue season. That's our agreement. It is still a strange ritual that I haven't yet wrapped my head around. After years of being a vegetarian, I never thought I would marry and appreciate a hunter. Yet, I know there is something compassionate and brave about hunting your own meat rather than selecting it, conveniently wrapped, from the grocery store; many steps removed from the unknown butcher and altered living conditions of the animal. It may be old fashioned, grizzly and foreign to most of the nation, but there is something honest and connected about hiking into the animal kingdom and selecting a healthy, free-range, member of an obvious food chain.
This is the mark of a tired hunter who is going out again tomorrow. David went hunting with a friend with two teenage hunters-in-training. One of the teens got a bull Elk and they spent the day hauling it out of the mountains. With any luck, David will have a shot this time and be done with it for the season. I am proud of his hard work, strength, masculine energy, sportsmanlike conduct and strong ethics. You're a good man, David. The soup will be hot and the fire, warm. Be safe and come home soon.

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  1. Hunting is made a lot easier when your wonderful wife gets up with you at 4:30 a.m. to make sure you have a hot breakfast and a great lunch to hunt all day! It can take a lot of time and effort to put meat in the freezer and you make that time available. I am so thankful to have your love and fantastic support Julie!