Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Much Silliness!

Silly sock monkey! Whenever he is able, Ben pulls his socks off of his feet and puts the stinky things on his hands. Well, I suppose Jim Henson was called "Silly" for years before Kermit came to be, right?
Silly shopper! Ben was given a sticker at the grocery store. When asked where he wanted to put it, he decided to wear it as a nose. He was feeling so silly, that he didn't take it off until he was buckled into the car.
Silly ticklish knees! Band-aids really are just glorified stickers, I guess. In another fit of sticker silliness, Ben decided that there were "Owies" on his knees in need of "Bird-Aids" (parrot stickers).
Silly Chicken! Not like, "They taste like chicken", but rather, "Our cat is a total chicken"! We caught a gang of quail chasing our cat. I counted about 30 quail, who grouped together and marched. They started under our bird feeder and backed her across the yard to the assumed safety of the low spruce branches (far right). When I opened the door, they scattered. Only then, with a lone quail sitting on the garden box, did she head toward it.
Silly Cereal! Do you remember "Count Chocula"? With Halloween fast approaching, I found a box of this snacky cereal at Target and used it as part of my excuse to drop in on our college student. He has been busily studious in his private college headquarters. He is doing well in school, living alone, learning how to cook, and meeting good new friends who are also serious about their studies. Hopefully, he eats this as a treat and not as real cereal.
Silly Mom & Dad! We splurged on some Alaskan King Crab for dinner last weekend, thinking that Benjamin would probably refuse it and eat a hot dog. Ben wanted crab. Ben wanted a LOT OF CRAB. Benjamin ate a third of a pound of crab legs as fast as his Dad could crack it for him.


  1. Just like his dad. I remember the first time David tasted crab. Brian brought a cooler full of them from the coast. I think David ate five.

  2. He IS a lot like his Dad, for sure. I like how, in the last picture, the lamp is making a psuedo halo above his mischeivious little noggin ;)

  3. Believe you me there is much silliness going on in our house these days.