Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The gates are gone! The gates are gone! Chaos abounds! Can you say, "Watching like a hawk"?!?
How many toys do you see in this picture? That's right... we have an adult living room again. Our previous, open face glass TV stand, and accompanying plastic gate barrier, has been replaced by this second-hand wooden TV cabinet with doors. The remotes work through the glass doors yet Ben is reminded to leave them alone without the aid of the old grey "baby" gate. You will notice that we have our coffee table out again too! The big people of the house are rejoicing.
Ignoring the clutter of my "Office", you will notice that the gate we used to step over has been removed. Ben, having a vague, but ever-expanding, understanding of HOUSE RULES, is learning to "use" the computer.  This is a nifty little toddler math website we like to visit (http://www.ixl.com/math/pre-k).
After stopping Ben from kicking the cat, three times in a row, I decided to bust him out of time out and go find something he could put his foot to.
Ben kicked that soccer ball around the entire perimeter of our property!
Thanks to hundreds of firefighters and a couple of cooler windy days, the smoke of fire season is finally clearing away. We have blue skies and mountains again. Ben ran and ran and ran.
Potty training is not going as well as I had hoped. I suggested to Ben, yet again today, that he could "water the trees" if he felt like he needed to go pee. Scowling, he declined by saying, "I don't wa-wanna!". However, he noted that the leaves are changing and he was really impressed! He told me they were "yellow, orange, green and  off", as he gestured that they were falling from the tree. I love autumn, but I was pretty bent on getting him potty trained and I caught myself thinking, "Maybe he will want to write his name in the snow".

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