Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hooray for the Ravalli County Fair!

This weekend was the Ravalli County Fair. It was well attended, even though the air was thick with smoke from area wildfires. My parents braved the smoke to come visit their cute grand-kiddos.

Here is the proud Papa.

Here is the happy Grammie.

Dylan came by the house to hang out with us before heading out for a college student road trip. The air quality may have been lowered but we all enjoyed an amazing sunset!

The fair was really fun! We got the full experience; animals, exhibits, food, tractors, dancing, and rides! In the Poultry Barn, there were amazing roosters cock-a-doodle-dooing all over the place. Some of the beautiful hens had layed eggs.

The goats were doing... you know... really cute goat stuff. They would have eaten Ben's socks if he had let them.

They had a lot of kid activities set up; like this produce stand.

This bean bag toss game made different noises, depending on which door the bag went through. Ben is pretty strong, but those doors didn't open very easily. He is close, only because it was effective, not because his aim was poor. He was a pretty good shot, really!

Ben LOVED the Cloggers! He was dancing and clapping along with their ticker-tap shoes. He was pretty sure he could do that if he just had the right shoes.

The rodeo was really fun. Ben told me, as he clapped for the "cowboy chasing the cow", "That's a really good cowboy!". He was pretty impressed by the fast horses too. I am not sure who won the barrel racing competition, but I am pretty sure this cowgirl won "Tallest Cowgirl" at the fair.

Ben made some of the biggest bubbles I have ever seen, thanks to this magic elixir. I think they must have loaded the suds tubs with gallons of glycerin.

The rides were just as fun as we remembered them! We all enjoyed seeing Ben gallop around on the carousel.

Ben had a wrist band so he could ride as many rides as he wanted. He was only interested in wearing a path between the carousel, helicopters, and cars.

We came back, after Ben's nap, so we could really get our money's worth out of that wrist band (and because we can't get enough of that grin).

The red car was very popular. Ben made some friends while sharing his ride.

On their way out of town, we took Grammie and Papa to visit Traveler's Rest interpretive center. It is the only archaeologically-proven campsite of the historic Lewis and Clark expedition. Happy Trails, Grammie and Papa! We love you! Thanks so much for the fun visit and for helping Benjamin celebrate turning three!

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  1. Looks like Ben had a great time. I hope everyone else did too!