Thursday, August 9, 2012


Our dying poplar tree is down! It wasn't the wind, like we had been concerned about. It was Ben's Uncle Joe, who had been in the Bitterroot on a special assignment for the USFS. On his way out of town, and as a friendly gesture to David, Joe cut it down for us. Thank you Joe!

Joe looked up, scratched his chin, made a couple of key slices and then just laid it down. It was impressive.  He, literally, put his hand on the side of the tree and pushed it, ever so slowly, right where he wanted it. Ben said, "Hooray! He did it!" and clapped his hands in vigorous approval.
Ben was excited, because ignorance is bliss; he didn't realize the work that, then, lay before us.

Nor does he realize that this is "work" and not "play".

He was really happy to be told that he could strip the bark off of the dead tree branches. He is constantly told "No" when wanting to pull it off of our healthy trees. This was his lucky day! We have 50 feet of bark just for you little buddy!

Ben's enthusiasm for carrying the pieces to the wheel barrow was inspiring, if not efficient.

He liked the idea of "helping" move the wood off of the grass.

Eventually, Ben and I drug limbs to the burn pile, picking at the downed wood until there wasn't anything left that we could lift. We had to leave the big part of the carcass for Daddy. But, eventually, if you leave this girl in Montana long enough, she may even pick up a chain saw. And then .... LOOK OUT!

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