Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Sasquatch on Spring Creek Hill

 I followed this crazy monster heading down the Shale Pit road, early in the morning last Friday!
It lumbered through the woods as if it were drunk!
I climbed the bank and watched it crash around!
Mosquitoes swarmed me. I held as still as I could so I could capture this chest-beating and other apparent mating-season behavior.

I was startled by the growling, howling display!

It carried on dramatically, back and forth, as if it were searching for something.
Finally, it crossed the creek, headed up through the meadow, and trudged out of sight.
However, it was also captured on the game camera of a famous scientist out of Sandpoint Idaho! Everyone on the hill has been rubbing their eyes, taking a second look, scratching their heads and hiding their cats!

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