Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Early Birthday Present!

For another week and a half, Benjamin will continue telling everyone
around town that he is "Two Years Ode ... like a bunny rabbit... hop, hop"; as he holds up his two fingers to show them his best shadow bunny.
Benjamin Jon will turn 3 years old on August 28th. There was no question in our minds about what we should get him for his birthday. We ordered this in response to overwhelming demand. It has been sitting in our garage for weeks while Ben-The-Builder has tried to dig in every little dirt patch we've got.

Ben couldn't wait for us to fill it!

He had such bouncy, wide-eyed, happy, pride in telling me that he "built a sandbox with Daddy!".

Even as tall as Ben is, he can stand under the canopy. The product is rated for ages 2-8.
This is one very happy digger.
And, as breaking news, the box survived the dog over night! So far, the animals are leaving it alone! We have a lot of fun in store. Now, Ben just needs to figure out how to hold up 3 fingers.

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