Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oyster Party, Part II; Fun, Games and Music!

The stage was set, the oysters were chilled, and the guests where arriving with yummy potluck dishes. It was a beautiful day and it was time to PAR-TAY! The annual Oyster Party in Hope is the biggest, most eagerly awaited, event of our summer. We are finally unpacked and unloading pictures. I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked. However, I will try to relay the fun that was had with the few glimpses below.
Leslie won the pinata. Boy, was she excited!
Rylee ran in the relay race faster than ever before!

Shiny Ellie shot us her super-star smile all day!

There was something for every age group but, really, you never get too old for balloons and Tootsie Pops.

An excited crowd gathered as the Cougar Creek Band began to play.

It was time to dance!

 There was great music in the air on Spring Creek Hill!

They had worked up a really fun song list too!

It is amazing to me that so many talented people ended up here and found each other on this hill.
The musicians may look pretty serious sometimes while they are playing, but they are really having a blast together.
Our college student got to lay down a few licks with the band before heading off to Fall Semester classes.

It is tradition to sing "The House Of The Rising Sun" as a finale at Burkhart parties. It is always a crowd sing-a-long. This is also a great chance for parents to embarrass their children; a pay-back time, if you will.
This is my rendition of David's childhood home, "The House Of The Rising Sun". There were Oyster Party T-shirts printed up with this familiar scene on them. Hopefully, they remind everyone of the good times they had on the hill again this year. One thing is certain; whether the sun is rising or setting, Hope Idaho is the most beautiful place on earth and definitely a reason to celebrate.

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