Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lego Maniac Number Two!

Dylan collected a vast array of Lego building sets during the early part of his twenty two years. He actually owns more Legos than any child I have ever met. I have kept them hidden from Benjamin for almost three years now. However, the dam has broken!
Ben the builder became an instant addict after his first exposure to the little bricks. The house rule is that the Legos stay in Dylan's room. In this picture, Ben is just out to show me the creative addition he made to Dylan's space ship. He is pretty good about obeying the containment rule. He stepped on one once and hurt his own foot. It may not be a selling point printed on the side of the box, but stepping on Legos is an essential lesson which may expedite learning to pick up your toys.

There are a pile of memories in that stash of little bricks. There are even some extant creations from the creative mind of Lego Maniac Number One. It was really fun digging through them after all of these years.

Ben tells me elaborate stories about Dylan's space man exploring the universe in his space ship.
Dylan spent countless hours playing with these little plastic treasures in his own imagined Lego universe. Some of the adventures of Dylan's space men must have been quite dangerous; as evidenced by this guy who got "waxed".
Like his big brother, Benjamin will play Legos until he drops from exhaustion.

He probably dreams about Legos too.


  1. Cute little squirt... still hasn't learned how to make a fist so he can fit his thumb in his mouth, but it works.

  2. Wow, I bet mom's excited to re-start the lego adventures!
    Hopefully he will learn to pick them up- as mentioned, those things make a mean accidental boobytrap!
    I suppose it will be a while before he can learn the organizational system those legos were previously cataloged under, but he DOES seem to have a knack for creative construction with those little plastic bits.