Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"I'm Fwree!!!"

At "Fwree Years Ode", some of the coolest things in the world are tractors, dump trucks, laser beams, bears, playing at the park and going through the car wash. And it just so happens that those things were all available for Ben's birthday today!
First, we made a trip to "The Bear Park" so Benbear could hang with the other cubs.

Ben is casting a pretty long shadow these days. He said, "Come on! Run, shadow puppet, run!".

It was a beautiful, 80 degree day, so we played at the park for an hour and a half .

Last Friday, the guy at Jiffy Lube accidentally opened the door on Ben's cheek bone, so he looks pretty tough. Poor Ben. Poor Mr. Jiffy-Lube Guy; he felt awful about it too. However, Ben is still made of rubber. He reminded me of that again today as he bounced around at the park.

If you have never experienced Benjamin's scary super-guy laser, consider yourself zapped! There is a secret spaceman laser button in the bend of Benjamin's arm, you see. Just like Buzz Lightyear, Ben is a space ranger.

Then, as luck would have it, there was road construction going on right next to park! We went to the sidewalk and watched them pave part of the road. There were dump truck loads dumped, pavement strips laid, and steam roller tracks run. It was super duper exciting! Ben waved vigorously at the workers every time they drove by him.

When it was time to leave, Ben made a point of roaring loudly at the bears. Perhaps he was saying good-bye. He did it to just about every one of them.

We got a roll of quarters at the bank so we could ride the bus... a lot. The nice lady at the bank threw in a blue lollipop and a stack o' stickers. Ben said, "Thank you" and then struggled in the back seat to hold up 3 fingers as his second response to her question about how old he was. On our way home, we went through the car wash; he loves to do that. He doesn't seem to think it matters whether or not the car is actually dirty. It is just fun to do.

As the grand finale of our outings, we happen to drive by a demolition site! Ben was uber excited! We sat in the car on the opposite side of the road and watched. There was a house there, initially. The scoop came down over the chimney and chomped it right off. Ben kept saying, "Mama! What's is that tractor doing?" He was so impressed! What great timing we had. Nap time dreams were probably pretty wild today!

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