Monday, July 30, 2012

Travelers' Rest

Before the Reineke reunion group went their separate ways, we all met up at Travelers' Rest Preservation and Heritage Association Museum in Lolo, MT. It was the most appropriate place from which to part. This is the historical base site where Lewis and Clark split up for separate explorations of the territory in 1806. Lewis headed down the Bitterroot River toward the Great Falls of the Missouri. Clark went toward the Three Forks of the Missouri. Travelers' Rest is the only archaeologically verified Lewis and Clark campsite.
The visitor's center contains a nice, old-fashioned presentation of historical and archaeological displays.
Ben really enjoyed the artifacts. "It's a reo T pee Mama!", he said.

This Blackfoot Indian stood strong and proud over the beautiful handiwork of the Salish and Nez Perce people.

David and JP found some self-depreciating humor in the comparison between their own "2011 Elk Camp" and the historical campsite of Lewis and Clark.

Uncle Don marveled at the antique axes displayed; very different from the guitar 'axe' he wields.
There were several red felt hats 
in the logging display; just like the one Grandpa Jon wears. This was what the old loggers all used to wear. I think Grandpa Jon's woods-worn hat has seen more outdoor action than the hats on display, though.

I think the Burkhart brothers were impressed by the tales of the old-timers and the tools they used.

I think we were all reminded of Dylan, who couldn't make it to the reunion events. He is working in the woods fighting summer wildfires. We are looking forward to having him "back at camp", so to speak.

Happy Trails Reinekes! We had a great time! Thanks for making it to our campsite for a visit!

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