Thursday, July 5, 2012

Toddler Science

We had a few friends over for a Fourth of July cook out. It included David's fantastic BBQ ribs, smoked chicken, and some delicious potluck dishes brought by our guests. It was a lot of fun!
To decorate for the party, we started this little, red, white, and blue, in-progress experiment. By adding food coloring to two vases of roses, Ben explored what flower parts do.

We talked about what may happen and why.

Then, we made observations and discoveries throughout the day.

It was pretty fun to watch Ben, squinting up his puzzler, as color began to accumulate at the edges of the treated flowers.
"Stems are like straws, Mama!"

Ben is still upset by loud explosives, but he loves the natural fireworks of floral blooms.
We hope you had a fun and beautiful Fourth of July too!

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