Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Reinekes are coming! The Reinekes are coming!

Uncle Don, Aunt Linda, Travis and Cody drove all the way from Iowa to see family here in the Pacific Northwest. Grandpa Jon and Benjamin waited anxiously for the party to start. 

Ben drove there in an economy car using alternative fuel.

I got my baby fix!
My birthday buddy and I had a toast!

Then, an amazing Bitterroot sunset kicked off the concert at Aunt Kathy and Uncle Ralph's place.

The musicians played through the rain, accompanied by their new drummer.

There is a lot of serious music talent in this family! Uncle Don is the most amazing guitar player / songwriter / singer I have ever met. It was such a treat to listen to him and Travis play.

We really enjoyed our private family concerts and sing-a-longs! Grandma Connie's playing and singing make you feel like you are part of a professional group. She is amazing. Great Aunt Shirley and Great Grandma Eileen sang with inspiration. David has vocal talents he unleashes only at special events like these.
Songs, old and new, were shared long into the night; long after we had to leave to get Ben into bed. We reluctantly said good-night and looked forward to having the gang over to our house for more fun.

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