Monday, July 23, 2012


Following David's 20-year class reunion, we had the good fortune of getting a visit from one of David's classmates. Michele and Dave brought their beautiful family to the Bitterroot Valley on their way home from a family vacation to Yellowstone. This happy couple is being pinned down by two official Yellowstone Junior Park Rangers!
Everett appears to have built a time machine to take himself to the moment he saw a Bear at Yellowstone.

Elliot's creation can zoom around Old Faithful and back again.

Benjamin became an instant Lego Maniac exposed to the little plastic treasures.

Ben was also thrilled to have such smart, nice, fun friends to play with.
The boys all did a nice job of sharing all of his toys. By being such good examples, the older boys taught Benjamin a lot of great boy skills.
We gave Dave and Michele the "Grand Tour" of downtown Hamilton. This, of course included a trip to Ben's "Bear Park".
.... and River Rising for some River Freeze coffee treats.

Thank you so much for making us part of your family vacation, Dave & Michele!

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