Monday, July 9, 2012

B-B-Q with the Fam

The only thing better than a Burkhart backyard summer cookout, is a cookout with more Burkharts! Aunt Linda and Uncle Malcom came all the way from Oklahoma to join Jon and Connie on a Montana trek. They were pretty tired from sight-seeing all day in the hot sun, but this fun crowd never quits. We relaxed, ate some ribs, and chatted until dark. It was really great to see everyone!

We even had our very own, very exciting, marching parade! It got even more exciting when the sprinklers came on. Yes, we know, we are pretty entertaining, attentive hosts.

Ben napped while the retired gang went to the Big Hole, but he had a great time assembling his "Teepee Village", Grandma. The warrior shields were of special interest to him. We were informed that his Buzz Lightyear is a warrior too. Thanks for visiting our teepee!

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  1. I want you all to know what a patient wonderful mother Ben has... she sat on that hardwood floor for nearly an hour going through all those stickers one by one and explaining in detail what they were and where they should go in the field. Ben sure enjoyed learning about the Indians and how they lived. I sure enjoyed watching his fantastic mother teaching our little boy the wonders of the world.