Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Things you don't know at 2.75 Years Old

I can hear you trying to hide in the dryer.
You don't have to set the timer for the microwave; not even for pretend muffins.

This pose will not be comfortable, or even possible, when you are grown up.

Your train set is manual. Your cousin, Jay, doesn't have to push his train set.
(Thanks for the great "Trains4Kids" magazine, Jay!)

Having your hands in the water, to make "Sink Soup", just made you wet your pants.

It may be more fun, but that isn't how you play the game.
Grown adults still sing their "A, B, C's" sometimes to know what letter comes next.

('BOB Books' are great! Dylan learned to read using them. Ben can read his name and is starting to sound out some small words in the boxed set shown below the alphabet books.)

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