Wednesday, June 20, 2012

School is out for Summer

Our little big boy tried out the swings, and other playground equipment, at Corvallis Elementary School today.

He scaled the kindergarten play equipment with one hand.

He thought that was fun, but way too easy. It held his attention for about 2 minutes total.

He told me, in no uncertain terms, that he wanted to climb the big stuff.

"Gulp!" uttered his mother.

"Wheeee!" said Benjamin (over and over and over again).

It was all over. I did my best to just keep up with him. He climbed and slid, about a hundred times, with the skill of a 3rd grader.

There was a brilliant, newly-designed, See-Saw ("new" since the time when Dylan was little anyhow). There was also a row of old break-a-tooth teeter-totters with metal handles and wood planks too long for considerate physics play. You just know it is a matter of time before some dumb kid is going to jump off and let their play mate's rump plummet to the ground from about 4 feet up. However, I truly think old playgrounds may be the fertile ground where common sense is grown. Life Lesson #1: Choose your partner carefully.

It is a mix of older and newer equipment, but it is a pretty great playground. As Ben's first introduction to "going to school", it was pretty exciting.

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