Monday, June 11, 2012

Oh, Dear

The tomatoes are in the garden box. It looks like I could have a gardening helper.

However, when I showed Ben my other new plants, he was less than helpful.

No. No. I said "smell it" not "pick it"!

So, I put him to work feeding the fishes. He threw it in and said, "Fetch!".

I know... Ben LOVES watering plants. That will be his job.

He really wants mowing to be his job.

The dog, it would appear, is not doing her job. Mama deer felt it was a good idea to leave her fawn in our yard again this year.

When I took these fawn photos I was holding barefoot Ben in one arm and my camera with the other. Ben said, "Oh, cute! I want to pet it". Oh, dear deer.

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