Sunday, June 3, 2012

Me and My Shadow

Ben can now make up games and play by simple rules. This may not seem like a major announcement or any big deal to those of you unaccustomed to 2-year old behavior. However, it actually takes a large amount of concentration, cooperation, and social skills for a toddler. I am so proud of little Benjamin.

Ben created a game and taught me the rules. He handed me a piece of chalk and he drew a line, then told me it was my turn and pointed to direct me as to where to draw my line. I extended his line about 2 inches with the second color he had handed me. "Good Job", he told me. He then extended it about 4 inches further and told me it was my turn again. We took turns extending the chalk line all over the end of the porch. It took many twists and turns and eventually displaced the lazy cat.

I hurried to take some photos, but it interrupted our play so I had to quit. He told me, "Come on. It's your turn.".

We also drew this together. This time, when Ben asked me to draw a sunshine (pink chalk), he added white rays in between my pink ones. He also added a blue nose.

The games come to a screeching halt when there is a bug on the scene. Nothing else can happen until it has been sufficiently examined.

Pill bugs can stop the world from spinning. 

Ben was fascinated by his silhouette. "He's tall." he observed.

Benjamin Jon is such a joyful boy, that even his shadow is happy.


  1. There is nothing like the inquisitive mind of a two, almost three year old boy. What fun!

  2. How lucky he is to have a "happy shadow"!!!