Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The End Of June

This Mr. is smart, cute and as handy as a pocket on a shirt! He is also a little crazy to want to build a fence in the heat of a 90 degree summer day. But last weekend, build, we did!

We have some obstacles to work around, but it is going in nicely. When it is all said and done, we will have a backyard that will keep in a boy and his ball. It will allow in a dog when she is willing to behave herself. Hopefully it will minimize the cheat weeds in her ears and coat as she dives into the grass, like an arrow, to fetch balls rolling down the hill.

I worked in the yard weeding, dragging branches to the burn pile, collecting rocks, bringing tools, scooping dirt, taking measurements, holding a shade umbrella, bringing cold drinks, moving the sprinkler, holding posts level, and whatever else I could do as David slaved away on the fence post holes. Where was our other helper, you may ask?

Ben was winding his flippy duck and splashing around in his water table. We sure could have used his big brother.

As hot, dirty and tiring as the fence building was, it was nothing compared to what Dylan has been doing. He is spending much longer hours, working much harder, fighting wildfire in much hotter conditions than this!

Benjamin will have his day behind a short handled shovel, no doubt.

For now, Ben is offering moral support, providing comic relief and joining us at snack time.

Our little pretzel-chomping land shark said, "Good job Daddy".

We rounded the SW corner of our property and headed for the pool!

... the kiddie pool, that is.

... in the shade ... with cold drinks!

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  1. Nice job on the fence, Dave! It looks like it was hot.