Sunday, May 20, 2012


I think Benjamin inadvertently summed it up just right. It isn't Spring, and it isn't Summer; "it's like Sprummer outside"! We have been talking about seasons and weather. We have had some unusually hot days mixed in with our cooler sunny springtime weather. Ben must have heard me say that it was like summer the other day.
We have been having a lot of outdoor fun! We decorated the back patio with sidewalk chalk. Ben had me trace his hands, then he layed down and wanted me to trace his whole body. It didn't happen because the little giggle-puss couldn't hold still long enough. "It tickoles" and there is just too much excitement out there to hold still that long!

Our flower beds are growing up and beginning to bloom. We have been seeing big bumble bees on our Lupines and honey bees on our Lavender. Ben is very impressed with bumbles. Right before this picture, we were watching a big fatty. Ben asked it where it was going as it flew away.

My Bitterroot plants are preparing to bloom. I think they will bloom early this year. They don't usually open until the end of the first week in June. As long as I can keep them a secret from the dog, I will see six flowers open this year!
Speaking of the dog... she has been helping herself to my dahlia bulbs every time I stuff them back in the ground. I originally planted 13 tubers, had to replace 7, and I am not sure that they are all still in the ground. There is short fencing and thirteen tomato cages in the bed as deterrent. I have had many 'animated conversations' with her. We'll see what comes up. So far I see evidence of only two budding tubers. She doesn't seem to care about the sweet pea seeds I planted along the side of the shed. You can't tell from this late afternoon picture, but I have low fencing around them too. Maybe I need an armed guard. Benjamin needs a squirt gun!
On the bright side, Sophie is becoming an amazing Frisbee dog! She tries to catch it before it hits the ground and has been successful multiple times. She is a fast athlete!

Benjamin is learning to pick up his playthings, lest they become dog toys. He loves to bring toys outside to send down the his slide. You can imagine how badly Sophie wants to "fetch" those as they come shooting off the end of the slide. She won't do it if she thinks I will catch her, but I have to retrieve them once in a while when she thinks I am not paying attention. They are both going to love it when the kiddie pool comes out! With weather like this, it won't be long!

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  1. Yes! I love it. Sprummer works for me too. It looks like he is having a great time.