Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Next Project!

A Gazebo for the backyard!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Just Kidding! No one involved in the last building project is laughing. Tee Hee. Someday, though, I will have a gazebo to bird watch from. To that end, I am preparing Ben for the job.
After a thorough inventory of his building supplies, Ben is pretty sure he will need more wood.
Daddy has offered to supervise the gazebo construction as long as Ben swings the hammer and there are cool beverages readily available in the shade.
Ben has been practicing with some alternative building material and artistic architectural designs.

That's lovely, Ben; very colorful. But, I think you should let the piggie out of the bag.

Apparently, Ben's gazebo will feature a "look out" on top.


  1. Will have to check with Dad to see when he can come over to help build that one? :)

  2. Grandpa Jon says, "marvelous". I think I should get my porch first.