Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Flight of the Gosling

"I have a Geese on my shirt!"

"Wait. I am a egg to hatch."

"Yeah, I am a baby geese!"

"Onk! Onk! Onk! Onk!". Ben has been telling us about his hatching and flight a lot lately.
I have a video I will post soon.

Ben and I were flying all over the living room all morning.
He has very strong little wings for such a young bird.

All of this flying made Ben Bird very hungry for snack time.

Ben calls this, "Octopus Cheese". He counts as we peel down 8 "legs".

He calls his sweet potato grain puffs, "Star Fish" snacks. I'll admit, there is some resemblance.

He dumps them out and then swoops down on them to gobble like a predatory critter of some kind. He has a lot to learn about the feeding habits of geese. Luckily, we have a neighborhood pond that is full of them for his studies. We haven't seen any babies emerge yet, but they will soon.

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