Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Dynamic Duo; Day Two

The favorite "Pick Up Pine Cones" game just never gets old!
Our little Tree-Hugger loved having his friend, Codie, to play pine cone games with again.

These little artists made the patio, their coats, some dog toys and their cheeks even more beautiful with chalky scribbles.

There was a lot of "Whheeeeee!" echoing through the air today.

They ran back to get on the slide almost as fast as they slid down it.

There were two slides, but the best one is always the one the other kid is on.

We had many a chorus of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" on dry land.

Codie found a little white moth... er... I mean "butterfly"... and she almost touched it!

I am pretty sure this little girl is going to be a veteranarian when she grows up. She LOVES animals.

Play dough time was fun, but Ben decided that it was too tasty.

We are the proud owners of some original artwork from this creative artistic team. It is a mixed media sticker-paint-chalk-crayon masterpiece.

We baked cookies together. The kids each added ingredients, helped set the timer and performed some essential taste-testing. We baked enough for Codie to take some home.
We will miss you little cutie! You sure were fun to have over for a couple of days!

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