Monday, May 21, 2012

Dylan's Office

This is a picture of where Dylan works. These are his coworkers. This is his office.

Okay, it is really a picture printed on a vintage pillow case I found at a thrift store. But, this is the forest I pretend he is working in. This scene helps me to sleep at night when he is on assignment.
Dylan started his summer job today. He is a wildland wildfire fighter for the Forest Service out of Sandpoint. We enjoyed getting word on how his first day briefing went. I know his line of work is hard, dangerous, dirty and hot. I know it will push him to his limits and, at times, it will challenge his strength, resolve and bravery. We know he is smart, capable, and strong.
We are proud of you, Dylan!



  1. I am in love with that pillowcase. What a find!
    And GOOD LUCK to Dylan!!

  2. Go get em kid! Be safe! We love you!