Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ducks Lined Up

Starting tomorrow, Dylan will be fighting fire again for the Forest Service out of Sandpoint. His stuff is tucked away in storage and he has an apartment lined up in Missoula. He is enrolled in Fall Semester classes at the University of Montana. He has his metaphorical "ducks lined up in a row", as my Great Grandma used to say.

Ben and I are about to get our Smokey on! As you are enjoying your outdoor adventures, please make sure your campfires are dead out! There will, most certainly, be enough work for the fire crews without unpredictable, untimely, man-made blazes.

Last year I made these Smokey Bear gingerbread cookies, using a cookie cutter I bought at the Department of Natural Resources gift shop. This year I think I will try the full-sized Smokey Bear cookie cutter from that set. I will post pictures before I mail them to our Grizzly bear.
Here's to a safe and happy summer! Happy Camping!

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