Friday, May 4, 2012

Dead Week

Dylan is preparing for finals week. He probably feels like a zombie, or like he is sleepwalking at this point. It will all be over next Friday! Hang in there Dylan! Just keep putting your best foot forward and stepping one foot in front of the other!

This fall Dylan will continue his studies at the University of Montana as a Grizzly! We are so excited for him to live closer!

Good luck on your finals Dylan!


  1. Thank heavens you are back. Of course someone has to make money off your blog. bummer

  2. I for one failed to notice that my wife actually drew this image just for Dylan when she made this post! You may note the 207.2 amu, which is lead under the right foot and the pressure on his shoulders... there's a lot more to this sketch when you study it! The ethanol on the left leads to the guitar and music! Stay away from the ethanol! :)

    You're a lucky guy Dylan that your mom loves and supports you so much! Study Hard kid!

  3. Just a quick doodle to let him know we are thinking of him. That and I don't have any pictures of him to post.... the little stink never sends any ;)
    Soon enough there will be a live photo shoot!

  4. Actually, 3 doodles scanned in and arranged with some chemistry text boxes.