Sunday, May 27, 2012

Corby's Wee Donkey Ranch

Ben was invited to come meet the baby donkeys at Corby's Wee Donkey Ranch today!
(Thank You Cris!)
Ben LOVED meeting these sweet critters! They are too young to have teeth or be ornery, Ben was allowed to get as close as he wanted.

We got to see Ben's friend, Codie, there too!

We all got to pet the youngest donkey on the ranch; a downy-soft, 3-day old baby!

We got to pet the big critters on the ranch too.

It was so nice of Sandy and Harry to have us all out to the ranch. These folks have a beautiful ranch and lots of beautiful, well-cared for animals.

Ben was just amazed!

Ben told us, "Wow, this is pretty interesting, huh?!".

The nice ol' farm dog even got a kiss.

We also went over to meet Codie's horses. Although I didn't get as many pictures there, the MD Ranch is pretty amazing too! They do boarding, offer training, sell horse and more. Ben was pretty impressed, even though he was a little intimidated by the big horses.

He found one just his size to ride, though.

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  1. It doesn't get any cuter than that folks... it just doesn't.