Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Break in the Weather

David said, "Hurry, let's roast some hot dogs before it rains again!". We all thought that was a pretty good idea. Ben ate his bun separately, but roasted and ate his very own beef frank!

We had little breaks in the wet weather and we got out and enjoyed it! Ben didn't care if he was getting wet or not. The rain came and went, off and on, all day long. Ben ran around, with and without his umbrella, just as happy as could be.

Ben loves rainbows. He got to see a great one yesterday! It was a full double rainbow and it was closer than we have ever seen one!

We get to see some beautiful things here in the Bitterroot Valley. With any luck, a little sunshine, and a little weeding, there will be six blooms on my Bitterroot very soon!


  1. If you look closely at the second photo of the rainbow you can tell that it is in between our house and the pond as it's distorting the color of the pond and trees around it! Awestrikingly amazing! There's a pot O' gold at the end of that rainbow and its our happy little family!

  2. Wow! Very nice photos. Looks like you had a great weekend.

  3. Hmm.... how can those jeans be considered acceptable attire?!? Look at the holes the knees! You dont send him out in public like that do you?!?