Thursday, April 12, 2012

There Went Peter Cottontail

Benjamin Bunny is pretty funny!

1) No, he does not know they are on backwards.
2) No, I did not put them on him. He is just goofy; like his brother.
3) He asked me all week long about when we were going to see Grammie and Papa.

Well, the day finally came and we drove to Spokane to see Grammie and Papa! Dylan and Kelsey also made a surprise trip to see them (and us) on Easter Sunday. They donned these lovely Easter Bonnets.
(note: Dylan shaved! No chin scruff!)

Ben enjoyed "hanging out" with Grammie, Papa, Kelsey and the fellas.

Dylan and Kelsey laugh with Ben a lot. It is hard to say if they are laughing with him or at him, really. However, at 2.6 years old, he still welcomes all forms of laughter from anywhere in his vicinity.

Uncle Ed, and cousins Dharma and Delaney, came to color eggs with us. It was great to see them and they made some fancy beauties!

This is the very first Easter Egg that Benjamin has ever colored. He used a special dye kit with little paint rollers to add multiple colors. We hid his egg art in Grammie's fridge and I am sure that it was delicious.

We enjoyed a visit with Great Aunt Norma and Great Uncle Ronnie (above). We got to see Great Aunt Betty and Great Uncle Buck (no pictures, unfortunately).

Ben was showered with gifts that Grammie and Papa have been saving up for him.

Ben had a ball with Papa!

Papa had a ball with Benjamin!

Ben snuggled with Grammie in front of the fire pit.
We all had a great time hanging out on the patio in the nice weather. We all enjoyed watching the great egg hunt in Grammie and Papa's backyard (separate post).
We got Ben together with his buddy, Neil. Watching your kid play with your childhood friend's kid is a surreal and special fun! Next, we went up the hill to have a nice hug and chat session with wonderful Pat and Marcia while we watched the kiddos play in the yard. Later, we had a fun dinner out with our dear friends Clif and Jodi. The kids had ice cream and got balloons before falling asleep in their own respective cars as we parted ways.

The drive home was unusually quiet as Ben had fallen asleep and David and I had to drive back separately. We bought a Toyota Tacoma truck! What a wonderful and eventful trip!

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