Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Projects!

Ben has a lot of dirt to move before we can build our new shed!

We are moving our garden box. That requires placement of some serious doggie-deterrent fencing.

Dylan is finishing his last semester at U of I before transferring to U of M. If this is his "Vandal" look, then I am concerned about what his "Griz" look might be!

We all went out to help Kelsey find a reliable car. Success is being the second owner of a Subaru with super low miles!

After Dave's delicious chicken enchiladas, we had "Mega Margaritas" with the Easter Bunny!

When you have a Mega Margarita, you can adjust the rabbit ears all you want but the picture doesn't get any less fuzzy. Also, at that point, Kelsey kicks your butt at the board game Ingenious. Okay, the truth is, she would probably do that any way.


  1. The bunny ears are quite attractive, Dylan. More so than the beard?

  2. Margaritas with the Easter Bunny!! Sounds like a new holiday tradition we all should adopt!

  3. Gosh, Dylan is funny lookin!