Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Shed Is Up!

We had beautiful "barn-raising" weather for the construction of our new storage shed! Grandpa Jon and Grandma Connie came over to help us get it done. It was a good thing they came, because there was no way we could have done it alone!
We purchased a "kit" online, but it needed some adjustments and additional lumber to make it true and sound. Luckily, the men in our family are as handy as a pocket on a shirt!
Step 552: "Curse, shake your head, and have another cold drink"

Always have the right tool for the job; pliers in this case.

You remember this when Mother's Day rolls around, David!

It can be difficult supervising people who are older than you are.

This is the tool belt David was given at one of my Bridal Showers. It came filled with a toilet brush, a pot scrubber, and other homemaker tools. I am happy to say that this great guy knows how to use those tools too! Am I lucky, or what!?!

Wall #2!

The Fabulous Crew who made it happen!

Hey, there is a big hole in this wall!

What is the next step, Ben the Builder?

Ah, snuggle time with Grandma! We all needed a rest for DAY 2.

DAY 2 was hotter than DAY 1. We had temperatures over 80 deg F most of the day!

We had extra incentive to build the roof; we needed to build our own shade!

Dr. Burkhart remembered to replace his electrolytes.

We are a little concerned that Benjamin may think this was to be his own play house. We are not, however, motivated to build a second one for that purpose at this point.

This was a piece of cake for Jon and Connie. They have a lot of construction experience. They built their own home. Connie drew up the plans, they had to clear the land and it was a major undertaking. We are really grateful that they made the trip over and made this shed project happen for us!

Now, it is time paint it!

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