Monday, April 30, 2012

Being Ben

Well, how do you eat your tortilla? Ben usually likes his rolled up with peanut butter on it. However, today, he decided he wanted to "Have! Have! Have!" it and to take bites of it as he slid it to the edge of his little table.
"Hi there Baby Bear!"
(A trip down the slide at "The Bear Park" always includes waving at, and chatting with, "Baby Bear".)

"BEEP! BEEP!" There is a sale on "Stradebies" on isle 9, so move it!
(Gerber's freeze-dried strawberries and bananas rock Ben's little snack world right now.)
Although he denies it, I am pretty sure this happened on Daddy's watch. Chalk boundaries are a tricky thing to teach. Crayon rules makes sense; "Only On The Paper"... got it. Chalk, on the other hand, can be used on the sidewalk, on the green side of the easel, and on paper. It seems to go with so many surfaces. It's tricky, and so is our little artist.

This is Ben's first rainbow. This occurred during a very brief few minutes between rain and more rain the other day. We all ran out onto the back porch to see it. Ben was so impressed! We told him what it was called and he said, "Oh it's a so pretty rainbow!".  He doesn't understand where it went and why it is gone. He really wants to see "anodder ramebow".

Friday, April 27, 2012

I feel a Draft

Sometimes The NFL Draft is like having a small football stuck in your drawers!

You know when it has happening, but you aren't sure where it will end up.

You can get all excited like you think you've got it figured out.

Then, the darn thing moves around and the accessible becomes the inaccessible.

You can have your hand on the ball, and still it slips just out of reach.

Once there is a big "Ta-Da!" everyone can cheer and look forward to the next kick-off.

32 Months of Study and He Still Hasn't Declared A Major!



Adventure Guide?

Weight Trainer?

Stunt Double?



Marine Biologist?

Baker? Candle-Stick Maker?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good-Bye Uncle Ronnie

 You were a character, and a man of good character. You were a funny, warm-hearted, jig-dancing, tease-poking, say-what-ya-really-mean, kind of guy. You were always quick with a joke and a strong hug. I think everyone who knew you, loved you.
Although Alzheimer's Disease started taking Uncle Ronnie away a while back, it never extinguished his spunk and sweetness. He escaped the disease last Sunday, April 22nd. He is missed sorely by all. Much love and many hugs are going out to you, Aunt Norma, and to the rest of the family.
August 4, 2007

"I Love You Because You're You"
(click the song title to hear the song performed by Jim Reeves)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Shed Is Up!

We had beautiful "barn-raising" weather for the construction of our new storage shed! Grandpa Jon and Grandma Connie came over to help us get it done. It was a good thing they came, because there was no way we could have done it alone!
We purchased a "kit" online, but it needed some adjustments and additional lumber to make it true and sound. Luckily, the men in our family are as handy as a pocket on a shirt!
Step 552: "Curse, shake your head, and have another cold drink"

Always have the right tool for the job; pliers in this case.

You remember this when Mother's Day rolls around, David!

It can be difficult supervising people who are older than you are.

This is the tool belt David was given at one of my Bridal Showers. It came filled with a toilet brush, a pot scrubber, and other homemaker tools. I am happy to say that this great guy knows how to use those tools too! Am I lucky, or what!?!

Wall #2!

The Fabulous Crew who made it happen!

Hey, there is a big hole in this wall!

What is the next step, Ben the Builder?

Ah, snuggle time with Grandma! We all needed a rest for DAY 2.

DAY 2 was hotter than DAY 1. We had temperatures over 80 deg F most of the day!

We had extra incentive to build the roof; we needed to build our own shade!

Dr. Burkhart remembered to replace his electrolytes.

We are a little concerned that Benjamin may think this was to be his own play house. We are not, however, motivated to build a second one for that purpose at this point.

This was a piece of cake for Jon and Connie. They have a lot of construction experience. They built their own home. Connie drew up the plans, they had to clear the land and it was a major undertaking. We are really grateful that they made the trip over and made this shed project happen for us!

Now, it is time paint it!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Little Jeraminals

Ben had a little play time with his good buddy, Jeram. These little boys (2.6 and 4.0) have so much fun together! All I have to show for it this visit is a handful of snack-time pictures. The rest of the shots are just a blur of bouncing boys. These are very sweet good times!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

There Went Peter Cottontail

Benjamin Bunny is pretty funny!

1) No, he does not know they are on backwards.
2) No, I did not put them on him. He is just goofy; like his brother.
3) He asked me all week long about when we were going to see Grammie and Papa.

Well, the day finally came and we drove to Spokane to see Grammie and Papa! Dylan and Kelsey also made a surprise trip to see them (and us) on Easter Sunday. They donned these lovely Easter Bonnets.
(note: Dylan shaved! No chin scruff!)

Ben enjoyed "hanging out" with Grammie, Papa, Kelsey and the fellas.

Dylan and Kelsey laugh with Ben a lot. It is hard to say if they are laughing with him or at him, really. However, at 2.6 years old, he still welcomes all forms of laughter from anywhere in his vicinity.

Uncle Ed, and cousins Dharma and Delaney, came to color eggs with us. It was great to see them and they made some fancy beauties!

This is the very first Easter Egg that Benjamin has ever colored. He used a special dye kit with little paint rollers to add multiple colors. We hid his egg art in Grammie's fridge and I am sure that it was delicious.

We enjoyed a visit with Great Aunt Norma and Great Uncle Ronnie (above). We got to see Great Aunt Betty and Great Uncle Buck (no pictures, unfortunately).

Ben was showered with gifts that Grammie and Papa have been saving up for him.

Ben had a ball with Papa!

Papa had a ball with Benjamin!

Ben snuggled with Grammie in front of the fire pit.
We all had a great time hanging out on the patio in the nice weather. We all enjoyed watching the great egg hunt in Grammie and Papa's backyard (separate post).
We got Ben together with his buddy, Neil. Watching your kid play with your childhood friend's kid is a surreal and special fun! Next, we went up the hill to have a nice hug and chat session with wonderful Pat and Marcia while we watched the kiddos play in the yard. Later, we had a fun dinner out with our dear friends Clif and Jodi. The kids had ice cream and got balloons before falling asleep in their own respective cars as we parted ways.

The drive home was unusually quiet as Ben had fallen asleep and David and I had to drive back separately. We bought a Toyota Tacoma truck! What a wonderful and eventful trip!