Monday, March 19, 2012

This Sucks!

What is missing in this picture? Somehow we purchased this house without noticing the missing item ourselves, but it didn't take us long before it became apparent. It is funny what you get used to doing without. An island in the middle of the house is a fine place to put an oven to include the cook in family activities. However, it does require a strong breeze to come through to clear out any smoke the process may generate. Following a very unpleasant day of oven cleaner fumes in a cold house with all of the windows open, we decided the time had come. My wonderful hubby installed a ventilation hood!
Here is the "BEFORE" picture.

Here is the $500 beauty we ordered online.
Here is our audience, supervisor, and "89th Crew Lochness Marine Team Starboard Scout" who is marveling that anyone is allowed to climb on the kitchen counters.
Climb, we did! I measured out the placement and drew the "cut lines" while David wired the electrical, reconstructed the mounting area and prepared the ventilation route.

Then, there was no turning back.

We borrowed the assistance of our talented craftsman friend, Jerry. We were very thankful for the muscles, experience and humor he lent us.

Ben the Builder was a big help too.

The guys must have sore necks and muscles today, but they put it up without a single donation to the "Swear Jar".

It would have cost a lot to have professionals in. These guys worked for chips, salsa, and the promise of a nice dinner from this ventilated stove.
The new appliance passed the smoke test; it sucked it right up and out of the house!
It has plenty of clearance for my tall, dark and handsome hubby, it doesn't block our view at all and I think it looks pretty sharp! I don't plan to burn a batch of cookies any time soon, but it's my prerogative now!


  1. wow! You did it! It looks great. I doubt you could of done it without Ben the Builder. You are right in that he is probably wondering why daddy and mommy are allowed to climb on the counters, but he is not.

  2. Nice job, that's the most beautiful kitchen hood I've ever seen, no wonder it's featured several times in Thursday's blog too. :)