Tuesday, March 6, 2012

That Felt Fun!

When I was pregnant with Ben, I found this large felt board at a thrift store for two bucks. It has been in the back of Ben's closet waiting for him to become a story teller. He is now definitely that!
So, I found some inexpensive felt cut outs and we have been telling each other stories about cloud animals, dinosaur meals, Grandmas and Grandpas and oceans and cruise ships and swimming and bingo!
This is a "Coral Reef with a turtle turtle".
These "Sea Horses" are swimming "really fast".

Lucy Kitty likes to hear the stories that Ben is building on his felt board.
Ben tells her all about it.
"The dolphin goes in the water".

Kitty is very interested in the fish stories.
But, really, Ben's favorite thing to do with the felt board is to use it as a tunnel and hide under it.

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