Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Pre-Birthday Big Kiddo!

"You smell like a monkey and you look like one too!" but Kelsey doesn't seem to think so.

Dylan was strumming a sweet little ditty and cracking us all up in his usual, subtly-animated style.

Dylan received his acceptance letter from the University of Montana. By this fall, both, Dylan and Kelsey will be living just 30 minutes away! It will be so great to have them so much closer!

Ben is a big helper when it comes to unwrapping presents. He likes to keep his unwrapping skills honed.

What was in the mystery box?!?

A shiny new microscope for our future microbiologist!

The kids had a lot fun goofing around with Ben before they had to go.

Ben enjoyed having company at his play dough table. This is Kelsey's handmade play dough creation.

This is Dylan's play dough 'Picasso Man' creation.
I don't have a picture of Ben's play dough 'Spaghetti', but if you look at these pictures you can probably make out a slight green tint to his lips.
Before Dylan left, Ben got to play his favorite game of 'Climb on Big Brother'.


  1. What great pictures and they were all having such a good time! I can't say I care for the new chin whiskers though. Time to shave that off says Grandma.

  2. I know! It drives me nuts that he is doing that chin thing! He is such a handsome guy and doesn't need that funny muppet-like tuft to his face. He claims that the wiskers are going away in stages, but I suspect they will grow out over the summer again. If there is a break when he is ever clean shaven, I will need to take a ton of pictures!
    We had a good time, but it was over too soon :(
    I miss that goofy guy already!