Thursday, March 29, 2012

Daddy is Home!

Back from the ACS conference in San Diego, David's head is full of all kinds of new scientific geeky goodness. As interesting as it all was, he is glad to be home and we are glad to have him back! Our little geeklet really prefers him to Buddy the Horse.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 28th 1990

We Love You;
you smart, handsome, fun, clever, honest, inquisitive, musical, strong, funny, caring, brave, optimistic, intellegent, thrifty, capable, fire-fighting, juggling, legomaniac, tree-hugging ninja, microbiologist!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Delivery Truck!

Ben and Sophie waited and waited ...

and waited.

Then, the "big truck" finally arrived!

The  "the big truck" and the "lifter tractor" came! Ben was very impressed!

Ben the Builder is going to help Daddy build a new shed! Most of the materials arrived today. When "the big truck" left, Benjamin vigorously waved good-bye. The driver honked the horn in response and Ben watched and waved until the truck was out of site.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Toddler Geometry

This "3-years and up" shapes and colors game was too easy for our little geometry whiz. He named each shape and color correctly as he quickly filled in this butterfly pattern (yes, he can even count the six sides to identify the hexagon). It is good for his hand-eye coordination, but I guess he needs a bigger challenge!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

His Trusty Steed

This new pet followed Ben home and he asked if he could keep it.
I am told his name is "Buddy".

Buddy is really fast!

Ben has long training sessions with Buddy.

Buddy is a really good listener.
Ben takes good care of his trusty steed. He pets him, hugs him, kisses him, puts blankies on him and warns him about Sophie Dog. Ben is a natural at riding bare-back and already attempts to perform tricks such as standing while riding.

Like Tonto and his palomino, Scout, Ben and Buddy are up for adventure in the name of truth and justice!

Monday, March 19, 2012

This Sucks!

What is missing in this picture? Somehow we purchased this house without noticing the missing item ourselves, but it didn't take us long before it became apparent. It is funny what you get used to doing without. An island in the middle of the house is a fine place to put an oven to include the cook in family activities. However, it does require a strong breeze to come through to clear out any smoke the process may generate. Following a very unpleasant day of oven cleaner fumes in a cold house with all of the windows open, we decided the time had come. My wonderful hubby installed a ventilation hood!
Here is the "BEFORE" picture.

Here is the $500 beauty we ordered online.
Here is our audience, supervisor, and "89th Crew Lochness Marine Team Starboard Scout" who is marveling that anyone is allowed to climb on the kitchen counters.
Climb, we did! I measured out the placement and drew the "cut lines" while David wired the electrical, reconstructed the mounting area and prepared the ventilation route.

Then, there was no turning back.

We borrowed the assistance of our talented craftsman friend, Jerry. We were very thankful for the muscles, experience and humor he lent us.

Ben the Builder was a big help too.

The guys must have sore necks and muscles today, but they put it up without a single donation to the "Swear Jar".

It would have cost a lot to have professionals in. These guys worked for chips, salsa, and the promise of a nice dinner from this ventilated stove.
The new appliance passed the smoke test; it sucked it right up and out of the house!
It has plenty of clearance for my tall, dark and handsome hubby, it doesn't block our view at all and I think it looks pretty sharp! I don't plan to burn a batch of cookies any time soon, but it's my prerogative now!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Pre-Birthday Big Kiddo!

"You smell like a monkey and you look like one too!" but Kelsey doesn't seem to think so.

Dylan was strumming a sweet little ditty and cracking us all up in his usual, subtly-animated style.

Dylan received his acceptance letter from the University of Montana. By this fall, both, Dylan and Kelsey will be living just 30 minutes away! It will be so great to have them so much closer!

Ben is a big helper when it comes to unwrapping presents. He likes to keep his unwrapping skills honed.

What was in the mystery box?!?

A shiny new microscope for our future microbiologist!

The kids had a lot fun goofing around with Ben before they had to go.

Ben enjoyed having company at his play dough table. This is Kelsey's handmade play dough creation.

This is Dylan's play dough 'Picasso Man' creation.
I don't have a picture of Ben's play dough 'Spaghetti', but if you look at these pictures you can probably make out a slight green tint to his lips.
Before Dylan left, Ben got to play his favorite game of 'Climb on Big Brother'.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We are ready to sing to you Dylan!!!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, dear Dylan!
Happy Birthday to you!
Your cake is baked and decorated, Dylan!

I borrowed this great cake pan (thanks Kristine!). Lessons learned.... (1) A one piece cake pan does not necessarily make a one piece cake (2) Fondant is like play dough that dries out too fast (3) Licorice laces never straighten out enough to make good guitar strings regardless of what the nice lady at the candy store says (4) Standard spaghetti is not long enough be guitar strings (5) I don't know squat about guitars (6) Cake decorating is much harder than it looks (7) I should have video recorded this hilarious event.
We won't get to see Dylan on his actual birthday (March 28th), because he will be back at school. So we are celebrating early. Following a fun trip to Seattle with friends, Dylan will be coming to see us tomorrow! We're ready!

Your present is wrapped and waiting for you, Dylan!

The baby chicks are in at the feed store!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Family Photographer

Benjamin took some pictures today; his first self portraits. We took turns "pushing the button". After his turn, I would reposition the camera and show his shots to him. He was pretty tickled with his efforts. I'm going to let you guess which ones are his (ha ha).
Yes, he is a happy little leprechan.
"I push the button".

"My turn, my turn, my turn".

Daddy, are you watching this?
We all just love candid shots.


"I want to push the button!".