Monday, February 27, 2012

Two Point Five!

Benjamin Jon is officially 2.5 years old!
Happy fractional birthday little Ben!
Ben is currently 29 pounds and 37 inches tall (click here to see averages). He has begun choosing what he wants to wear (usually his pirate ship shirt) and is fitting into some 3T shirts already with his 2T pants. He is very strong and active. Every day he gains pride in his new abilities, proclaiming, "I did it!". He loves to climb and then pretend to fall. He announces, "I'm falling!" and then giggles his head off all the way down.

Ben has a fantastic imagination and can busy himself happily with make believe and very few props. He really likes robots, rocket ships, airplanes, bugs, and animals. If you place a handful of objects in front of him, he will usually tell you how many there are. He likes to count while he plays. He calls Sophie's rawhide chews "dinosaur bones". He "buries" them in a cardboard box.
He likes to hide under blankets and be a "Cave Bear". He drags odd objects into our bed "Cave", so we are always finding pretend pliers, play dough crumbs, small toy animals, and other surprises when we turn in at night. I also find a variety of small flat items under the rugs and couch cushions. If we are missing something, he remembers exactly where he hid it. He is going to be really good at hunting Easter Eggs this year!
He loves to dance and sing. He knows the words to a lot of songs. When he is not sure, he just fills in syllables to make the sentence the right length, with "Na-na-na" or "La-la-la". He can sing his alphabet and identify almost all of his letters correctly when asked. He is collecting new words every day; his newest favorite phrase is "Oh, that's Awesome!".
Ben loves shapes and colors. He points out Octagons at stop signs and tells me "green means go" at stop lights. I'm not sure how I ever drove through town without him. Although he will sneak food off of my plate when I am not looking, he is learning about ownership too. He explains, "This is Ben's fork. This is Mama's fork.". He isn't terribly possessive as far as toddlers go, but likes having a kid-sized version of what Mama and Daddy have.
This kid is very determined when he sets out to do something. He is far from easily distracted. He knows what he wants to do and he goes after it full steam ahead! Go buddy go!

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  1. What a happy little boy! I wish I had some of his enthusiasm!