Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sunshine At Our House!

Welcome to Ben's secret Tree Hideout!

He plays a special game of "Pick Up Pine Cones".

To play, you gather as many pine cones as your little hands can hold and pack them out.

Then, you put the pine cones in the basket and run back for more! Doesn't that sound fun?!

Our sunny friend, Codie, came to play again today and we went for an explore in the yard.

Ben showed Codie "Ben's Geese".

Sophie dog lead the way.

We walked / ran around the perimeter of our 2.6 acres.

The dynamic duo spent a lot of time taking turns on the slide.

Ben liked to "catch" Codie as a helper at the bottom of the slide.

You can't quite make it out on the horizon in this picture, but we chased "Ben's Plane". It is "Lellow". It circled our house as the kids reached up, ran around and waved. Then it landed at the neighbor's landing strip to the North of our house (very close). It was a very exciting sunny day!


  1. Awesome! It looks like they were having a great time.

  2. Absolutely! Cody is a sweet, bright, fun little girl and Ben enjoyed her visit immensely! We simply MUST get these two together again in the near future as they seem to be kindred spirits!

  3. Codie and I enjoyed the photos so much. Codie had so much fun and can't wait to see all of you soon. Thanks for making her stay there very special.

  4. Codie is very special. Thanks for loaning her to us!