Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Play Day With Our Friend, Codie!

We were notified, a couple of years ago, that this may be Benjamin's future wife. So, we figured the two ought to meet.

Meet, Codie! Codie is the sweetest little 3 year old girl you ever will meet.

Codie is hanging out with us for a couple of days while her folks are at work.

She and Ben had a blast! He is already asking for his friend to come back.
Codie is not afraid of snakes. She saved me after this rare Pink Polka-Dot Cobra bit me several times!

They ran and climbed and jumped and slid and hid and plopped and dropped and rolled and bowled and hopped and marched and slithered and leaped until I was tired for them.

They really had a great time; and I really had a great time watching them!

They had great "Peek-A-Boo" skills and totally infectious giggles!

They were both ready to "Blast Off!".

Toddler "Learning To Share" turbulence was quickly diffused by little discussions and the ample stock-pile of toys left to be inspected.

Codie showed Ben some new tricks.

Codie is quite the water-pen artist on the Aquadoodle!

We said, "See you tomorrow, Friend"! We are looking forward to your next visit, Codie!
Even Lucy Kitty is looking forward to Codie's return.


  1. It looks action packed! How is the mama holding up?

  2. It was! It was really great for Ben. They have very similar temperments and similar interests. It was a lot of fun!