Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Grandma Great's Carousel

Great Grandma "Griz" Eileen just turned 88 years old, but good luck keeping up with her! Today she went to exercise class and then raced an armoured horse while her great grand baby looked up at her from a chariot side car!
She got scolded by the attendant for not buckling her seat belt.  I am sure she was thinking, "Bah, we didn't need those things when I was a kid you pansies!"
Ben was very impressed that Grandma Great has her very own Carousel. It is, literally, in her backyard!
When the Grandma Griz Eileen says "Giddy-Up!", by golly, those horses do it! It is one fast carousel!
Grandma's not a fan of getting her picture taken, but I caught her having a good time.

She showed Ben how it's done.
Ben was very impressed! That being said, he was not brave enough to climb on a horse himself. He was content to sit back with Mama and watch the world whirl by.

After their ride, Grandma sat with Ben and watched the carousel from a safe distance. She gave him a lollipop from her pocket and told him to come back soon.
We most certainly will Grandma Great, "Tank You"!


  1. I think Grandma had a great time. Not sure about Ben. Those horses go pretty fast for a little guy.

  2. If it's any indication, Ben was pretty upset last night that we were not going back to the carousel when I got home from work. He was then completely dumbfounded that we were not going back to the carousel after dinner! What's wrong with these people?? Don't they realize how much FUN a carousel is?! Inconceivable!