Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feeling the Love!

Ben would like to take a moment, down from his sugar high, to thank you all for the e-mails, phone calls, cards and other very thoughtful ways he was asked to "Be My Valentine"! What a fun week full of little surprises! XOXO!!
"Ooo Ooo Ah Ah Ah Ah!!"

"Oooo Yummy!"

"Oh! A bear wif a balloon!"
"Bear and Ducky are friends!"

"Oh! A heart! There! There! There! There!..."

"Ah ha! Ben's!"

"How'd you do that, Mama!?"

"Again! Again! I hear it!"

"Pop!" An endothermic, gas-producing, chemical reaction inside the slapped pocket made a balloon inside the envelope/bag blow up and pop out! It was very exciting! They sure didn't have those when I was a kid!

"Go Dog Go!"

With almost two and a half years of saving, the pig is filling up!

"Buzz Light Year Robot!"

"Person Robots!"

"A heart! Another heart! Another heart! Oh, Thank You Grandma! You're Welcome Please!"
(yes... these are all actual quotes from Lovebug Ben)
 I wish I could have captured all of his reactions. Please know that he loved each and every greeting and we are overwhelmed by the unnecessary sweetness!



  1. Oh Happy Day, what a lovebug, and what a great post!

  2. Thanks Linda! Thanks for reading our blog and keeping in touch :) I love the photos you post on FB!