Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ben the Builder!

While browsing the consignment store, I found a couple of DVD episodes of "Bob the Builder". Ben became an instant fan of Bob and his crew. The chorus of the theme song includes, "Can we build it? Yes we can!" "Can we fix it? Yes we can!".  We try to limit Ben's media exposure, but this show gets a pretty high approval rating in our house. It fosters a positive, can-do attitude, introduces big concepts such as work ethic and "reduce, reuse and recycle", it demonstrates how big equipment and tools are used to repair and create nice, useful things and it even features a capable female builder (Wendy).

Ben grins and glows with pride at being called "Ben the Builder". He kind of looks like Bob too. The show was the perfect yucky-weather compliment to the introduction of this workbench. We found it at a consignment sale too and we have been stashing it away until Ben got a little bigger.
Here, Ben the Builder is using his "Hammer Hammer".

Daddy is sharing his workshop expertise.

Right to tighten, left to loosen, will make a lot more sense once you pick a hand to eat with.

This shot made me picture him with a fishing pole.

That's it!

Ben has more tools than his Daddy!

Ben can fix it, yes he can!


  1. What a great find at the consignment store. Love those tools!

  2. We could of used Ben the Builder 30 years ago when we were building the house. He would have been a lot of help.