Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ah, The Drama of a Passionate Artist...

Here you see a Portrait of the [Super Cute] Artist as a [Very] Young Man.
He is still, very much, in his Abstract Expressionism stage; toddlers are strong that way.

Finger Paints with a brush are not nearly as fun as gooey-finger Finger Paints; if you ask Mom. I don't really mind an extra load of laundry or two, in the name of messy artistic craziness. But, Benjamin just wasn't sure about smearing this gelatinous jelly with his precious pink appendages. No, that is not entirely true. He was sure that he did NOT want his hands involved directly. When I "assisted" him with the smearing, he acted like I had pushed his hands into a steaming fresh cow pie. He, loudly, made it quite clear that he was NOT going to do it that way. So, we raised our eyebrows to the sky, cleaned him up, repented and gave him some tools.

I have come to think of this first finger painting adventure as being not unlike a baby's first birthday cake; you never know if they are going to enjoy spreading it in their hair, or if they will just poke at it like it were a dead skunk. We, apparently, had a dead skunk on our table.

Being "all boy", Ben was not entirely opposed to there being a dead skunk on the table. In fact, he wanted a stick to poke at it with. He really did have a good time, but definitely preferred using tools to manipulate this media.

He exhibited a curious, ambidextrousness in his technique. Switching from right hand brush strokes to left hand brush strokes, was key in the creation of this amazing masterpiece; no doubt, a family heirloom that will adorn our refrigerator for years (which is as long as it will take for that thick paint to dry).
Ben was fascinated by how the sticky globs appeared to defy gravity; We were pleasantly surprised that they stuck when he shook the brush around like he was Jackson Pollock.

Once he was "Aw Done" and had emerged from a warm, sudsy bath, all glowing cute and squeaky clean, he wanted
"More Paint! More Paint!"
And he is so cute, and we are just crazy enough, that we might just try it again tomorrow.

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