Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Extended Christmas (Condensed Version)

This t'was the night before Christmas.
Christmas day there were toys, toys, and more toys.
Dave was ready to fill the bath tub.
Dylan read several books that were not assigned by his professors.
We all ate way too many sweets!
We were somewhat repentant.
We hit the long road to visit family.
The boys dog-piled "Grammie"...
...and snuzzled their grand Papa.
Little brother helped Dylan register for his Spring Semester classes.
Ben brought Grandpa Jon his red timber hat; "one for you and one for me".

We laughed a lot with Uncle Jim, Aunt Melissa, Collin and Rylee.

The gang gathered around Grandma Connie at the piano to sing in the New Year!


  1. Thanks for letting me steal the last picture from your post, Connie :)
    I didn't get any pictures of my own that night.

  2. Having conducted several deep dive operations with my new snorkeling gear I have concluded that the bottom of our bath tub is devoid of treasure. The toilet shows promise with its pretty blue waters, but there be floaty sharks mate! Can't wait for summer!

  3. I like the teeth brushing contest. Looks interesting and the red hat show is pretty cool.