Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The One That Got Away

There is a Bert & Ernie skit where Ernie fishes by calling the fish into the boat; "Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy!" (click here to see it). That was, pretty much, the technique used to hook this Walleye. I know it doesn't look much like a Walleye, but it is. I know, because it was an overpriced airport souvenier; the Minnesota state fish.
Ben and I were sizing him up today (along with other household pets, toys and foods).

Ben was astonished to read on the measuring tape that his "Fishy" is "Sevn, Five, Tree, Sis" inches long!
(We are still working on which number to chose). 

Ben must have figured that maybe he could fatten him up if he fed him all of the numbers.

Then, I guess, he just decided to throw him back.


  1. Here fishy fishy is what I used to say when we were out fishing on Seagull Charters. Trying to catch the "big fish" in Lake Pend Oreille. JP was the only one to catch a "big one". Now I say Here, cookie, cookie cookie. Try that.

  2. Test was fron Jon. I may be able to comment this way. Love.

  3. Hooray! I love comments! Bring em' on Grandpa Anonymous! That works; if you sign it we will know who it is. Google doesn't make commenting easy. Sometimes, mine get "stuck" and I have to click "Preview" instead of "Publish" to get to the word verification step. I guess, since it is a free service, I will try to complain less ;) I'll try. I am not strong that way, but I'll try.

  4. It's almost time for that boy to learn how to catch a real fish! Oh Tool! He would say.