Sunday, January 22, 2012


Ben has always suffered from a pretty severe case of Chionophobia; the fear of snow.
Ben's reaction to walking on snow has always been somewhat as if his feet where set on fire. He has always become frozen with fear, reaching for me and crying, "Up!? Up!? Up!?".
That is, until today!
Something about the sunshine, combined with bravery and curiosity, caused him to start poking around in the stuff.
He decided that he had some control over it.
He decided that he could safely create shapes, very near our foot prints, dog prints, and bird prints, without actually making any footprints of his own.
He eventually, reached out and touched the stuff; on purpose and without prompting!
Then, he found a pathway which required him to step on only a very thin layer of the stuff.
Then he did the unthinkable; HE WALKED OFF THE PATH!!!
He left his own cute little size 8 toddler prints, all over in the snow!
His fear has been conquered!!! He had fun outside PLAYING IN THE SNOW!  He played until his nose was bright red and we had to drag him inside to eat.
We are still working on the cat's phobia.


  1. I love it! Good job Ben! Now there is another new world to play in.

    Poor Lucy Kitty. I think she is saying, "Hey, what is this? Don't you know I'm a house cat?"

  2. YAY BEN!!!!! about time. it will be fun to remind him of this when he is older....

  3. Ah, you can't argue with the wisdom of a two-year-old, perfect timing!